Sweet Matcha Tea

What is bright green, is served piping hot in a mug, and makes some exclaim, “ew, that looks like snot!?” Sweet Matcha Green Tea of course!

It may look like something out of a science experiment but I assure you, the taste is like none other. I first became obsessed with the bright green beverage years ago at Hugo’s Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, Calif. If you find yourself in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley more specifically, a trip to Hugo’s is a must. The menu is eclectic but highly focused on healthy fare, including many vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Yep, it is “so L.A.” Movie star sightings are common but it is NOT a place to be seen. It is a non-descript gem on the corner of two busy intersections and aside from a late brunch, it is never hard to get a table.

Even if you are not a tea person, it is hard to avoid the amazing tea menu while you are there. I do not remember what prompted me to order the Matcha Green Tea Latte years ago, which they make with rice milk, but now I literally cannot be at home (my parents live just a few miles away from Hugo’s) without going at least once.

Luckily my mom found a good Matcha mix and put it in my Christmas stocking. Blame it on the move, but I just “found” it again and finally took the time to heat the milk properly and make it as a pre-bedtime treat. The back of the package also has recipes for Sweet Matcha cookies (just substitute sugar in cookie recipes with the Matcha powder) and lemonade.

I do not have a milk frother (which would be the ultimate for this tea) but it turned out great regardless. One small package goes a long way as you only need a tablespoon stirred vigorously into warm milk. We only had nonfat Lactaid on hand so I’ll have to remember to keep rice or almond milk in the pantry moving forward.

Who is in the “I seriously l.o.v.e. Matcha tea club” with me?

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