Gift Giving Debate

The kid in me still gets giddy when presents under the Christmas tree have my name on them. But as I’ve gotten older there are so many practical items and projects that seem like a better investment than gifts like clothes, purses and shoes. This mainly applies to Mike and me, especially as homeowners just one year in.

To exchange or not to exchange this year, that is the question we are debating. We will get each other Christmas ornaments (a tradition started last year) but as much as I have my eye on a few frivolous items, I’m leaning toward saving money for our basement makeover. I cross my fingers and toes in hopes it will be done by the middle of next year. On our list? Recessed lighting, paint and drywall repairs, filing cabinet for office setup and media shelving/bookcases. In general, a head-to-toe facelift that lightens up the TV basement room by 150%.

My latest inspiration…

What about you? Do you exchange no matter what or opt to work on house projects, book a trip, etc.?


  1. I love, love the first inspiration picture…I can actually see how it would look in your basement…the white shelving next to the fireplace really lightens up the room….

    Love ya..

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