Life Is Impossible To Understand


Local and national news reports on tragedies across the country seemingly every minute of every day. In Colorado, tears from our summer fires kept coming through Aurora and Jessica Ridgeway.

Then last Friday, six and seven year old children were gunned down – along with teachers – at Sandy Hook Elementary. It was unreal. Cruel. Disgusting. One of the saddest moments in our nation.

All week I’ve been torn on what to blog about. Recipes, clothes and decor feel so frivolous and selfish when 26 families are burying their loved ones the week before Christmas. I literally cannot imagine how anyone in that community can breathe right now.

Then tonight I found time to catch up on my favorite blogs, and cried again when I read that Emily and Nick of The Culinary Couple were directly impacted. Nick’s cousin was a brand new teacher at the school and lost her life. The pictures they shared with us readers are so special and personal. I again can’t stop thinking about the ripple effect of this shooting.

I wish I had more trust in our politicians to put party lines aside to find solutions, and I’m not just referring to gun control. It will take mental health reform, entertainment and video game industry reform, and so many more facets of research and reform that I will not pretend to understand.

Hope. Hope for a nation that comes together and says “NO MORE” to this senseless violence. Hope that the families in Sandy Hook find peace in their hearts.

That’s what I hold in my heart…hope, and faith.

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