Quinoa with Roasted Peppers and Feta

Quinoa is “the perfect protein” according to many pregnancy magazines so I have been trying to eat it regularly. Just like tofu it’s pretty much a blank slate for recipes and a combination of flavors. And idiot-proof to make — my favorite.

Credit: Lemonsforlulu.com

The recipe, via Lemons for LuLu, could not have been simpler. I made it Sunday for a few friends we had over for a BBQ. Pescatarians and meat eaters alike would have gone back for seconds had I made a double batch. I’m not entirely sure if feta is or is not on the pregnancy “do not eat that cheese list” but the packaging said┬ápasteurized and at some point it just gets too hard to keep track. If feta is on the naughty list I likely only had a few bites. Don’t send the soft cheese police after me please.

Additional quinoa recipes I’d like to try soon:

Three cheers for the perfect little protein!


  1. So happy to hear this turned out for you and that you liked it! I’m a big believer in Feta, so I’m not going to judge you for eating it while pregnant ( I ate a lot while I was pregnant!). Thank you so much for sharing my recipe!

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