Rylan: Four Months

We blinked and another month has come and gone, but not without a lot of changes here around the Anderson household. Rylan is now a daycare kid Monday – Thursday and my mom said goodbye after five great weeks of watching Rylan following my return to work. On Fridays Mike’s mom will be watching him and we are so thankful that he will get a day at home with family.

The most fun changes, however, are all centered around the little man. His personality is really coming out in the form of laughs, squeals, happy screams and rolling over! His right arm still gets in the way — Mike calls it his kickstand — but he is absolutely on his way to mobility. No more quick runs across the room to grab something while he is on the bed or changing table. Rylan is determined and according to his daycare teachers, very strong. He is currently fighting his first cold but handling it like a champ. The Nose Frida, while disgusting, is the best “only a mother could do this” tool in our arsenal and we continue to give him probiotic colic drops daily at the recommendation of his doctor since he is too young for a flu shot this year.  

Mom’s four month favorites:

  • His first laugh. I will never forget the sound or the sparkle in his eyes
  • Watching him find, then lose, then find his thumb again — sometimes holding it in place with his free hand
  • Hearing his daycare teachers say that he is the happiest and most relaxed baby in his room
  • His giant toothless grin. It snaps me out of any bad mood or stressed funk and immediately reminds me that we are the luckiest parents in the world to have a happy, healthy and thriving little man
  • Seeing him really start to discover and “play” with some of his countless toys, especially balls of all shapes and colors

Dad’s four month favorites:

  • Watching Rylan roll and hearing his first laugh
  • His big grin and giggle when I get home from a business trip
  • His continued mellowness and calm demeanor
  • The smile he puts on mom’s face

We can’t wait for what the next month has in store! We love you so much buddy.


  1. I can’t believe the little guy is 4 months old. Not sure how time has flown by so quickly! My five weeks with Ry flew by and even though I left only a week ago I can see he has already changed so much. Give the little guy a big hug and kiss from Grandma and Grandpa. BTW – I think the elephant is shrinking….

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