Caden: One Month


Caden has been peacefully napping for about 35 minutes as I sit down to write this. Which means, I have anywhere from zero to 10 minutes until he thinks his nap is over and is screaming his head off. Fun times. Therefore, in the spirit of the fastest four weeks of our lives, below is a quickly typed list of Caden’s one month favorites.


  • To be held by anyone and everyone
  • Being worn in the Solly wrap (…which I borrowed from a coworker because I rarely, if ever, wore Rylan. I absolutely adore this wrap and wish I knew about it last time)
  • Eating every 2 – 2.5 hours
  • Milk. From mom, a bottle…he doesn’t care where it comes from as long as it’s ready for him upon waking from his pathetically short naps
  • Kisses from Rylan
  • Rock n’ Play sleeper
  • Peeing on anyone and everything when we don’t move fast enough during diaper changes
  • Stroller walks


  • The crib, bassinet and pack n’ play
  • Naps
  • Being put down for a nap
  • Daytime sleep (also known as naps)
  • Diaper changes

He is beginning to extend his awake time more, which brings a fun new rhythm to the day. He has the most beautiful, curious and intense eyes and little facial expressions as he starts to explore the world around him. Caden especially loves tummy time on our chest, because it means he is being held, and his head/neck is much stronger than I remember Ry’s being at four weeks.

All in all, he is a little love and snuggly bug.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t share that the past four weeks have also been the most humbling of my life. Caden is no “by the book” baby, especially compared to Rylan, so each day has been filled with highs, lows, tears (from both of us) and many calls and text messages to Mike at work when I simply cannot think straight. Hopefully his coworkers cannot overhear my “crazy” as he talks me off a ledge when my fourth attempt to nap Caden, and myself, fails miserably.

I know I’ll gain more confidence again with each passing week but more than anything, I need to stop holding onto my expectations and comparisons. Caden is 100% his own, unique self and we have to adapt to that, especially in this itty bitty newborn stage. He isn’t Rylan, and we wouldn’t want him to be. Caden’s desire for endless cuddles and making his voice heard will most certainly become a part of his personality that we adore in the years to come. It is just hard to adore it now on short bouts of sleep and speed showers…hoping I can get the conditioner out of my hair before he completely melts down during a “nap.”

We’re re-learning how to navigate newborn-ville each and every day. Here’s to the next four weeks and letting go of how we expect or want it to go!

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