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I am currently on social media an obscene amount of the day because it passes the time during 8+ nursing sessions. I am sure the mom shamers of the Internet would say I should spend all feeds staring lovingly at my sweet little baby, but at 2am and 5am the light from my iPhone is the only thing propping my eyelids open.


My Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of gift guides. Guides for the working mom, stay-at-home mom, pet lovers, home cooks, tech gurus, girlfriends, travelers…you name it. But what seems to be missing is a gift guide for the mom with a newborn at home on a 2.5 – 3 hour 24/7 feeding schedule, protesting 99% of crib naps lasting longer than 45 minutes.

Well, the wait is over. If you know one of these weary moms and aren’t sure what she needs this Christmas I have a few ideas to share.

  • A mani or pedi appointment that you call and make for her (so she can’t mom-guilt herself out of making time for herself) while also coming over to hold the nap-less baby. I highly suggest making the appointment day-of to help ensure the time lines up with unpredictable feeding schedules. She may or may not feel like she has time for both a mani and a pedi, depending on her comfort with you giving a bottle if needed while she’s away
  • An extra week or two of a house cleaner (if she has one every two or three weeks) or a one-time deep cleaning service. Also on the practical front, gift cards for online food delivery are a sure hit. There are services like Door to Door Organics (a client of mine) for organic groceries and GrubHub for lunch and dinner delivery cravings.
  • A luxurious under eye cream. She has no time for deep cleaning masks or facials but she can find 15 seconds to pat on a cream that helps the dark circles & bags look a teeny bit better. I’m using and liking Sanitas right now. I am also a major fan of the Shiseido eye masks. I’ve only treated myself to them once but when you are extra haggard they do give a bit of pep and brightness back to that area, and they are incredibly soothing after a sleepless night, Probably best to only gift this to a good friend. Otherwise she’ll know that you know she looks like hell and feel even worse
  • A fabulous hand lotion because her hands are dry and cracked from endless laundry folding and dish washing (doubling that if she’s pumping and giving bottles). I love my Young Living lavender lotion (I reapply it throughout the night after feedings) but covet Beautycounter’s Citrus Mimosa hand cream as well
  • Soma loungewear. I just went into my first Soma store over the weekend and I want everything. Newborn moms spend a lot of time in PJs, especially if they are stuck inside in cold weather climates, and Soma’s PJ separates, sweats and ponchos (super nursing friendly) are a decadent gift she’ll never buy herself
  • The best coffee and/or tea of her preference. For moms surviving on coffee, be sure to find out if she uses a Keurig so you can treat her to her favorite K-cups, or if she uses a french press or coffee pot and have the beans ground accordingly. If she has a sense of humor still (and seriously, tread lightly) throw in a mug that will make her chuckle each morning. I’m a big fan of “World’s Okayest Mom”
  • Sarcastic t-shirts are all the rage, and I smile when I see the “Regulators, Mount Up” tee in my feed. For those of us who still love to blast gangsta rap once the kiddos are out of the car, this is a fun find. Which is why I also want this one in my stocking from Santa. Be sure to consider buying a size up depending on how far along she’s at in the postpartum stage. We all rock a pooch for quite awhile and disguising it becomes a daily battle for many
  • If your newborn mom friend hasn’t had a winter newborn before, the extra layers and steps to get out of the house without getting frostbite can be a big learning curve. Take it from me with #1 being a July baby. “Where is his hat???” is a common question I find myself asking aloud when I leave home with Caden. Remember my own gloves? Yeah right. That’s why I’d love to be gifted this Skip Hop ‘Stroll & Go’ hand muff. They are over-the-top but look so cozy for winter and spring walks, because moms need to be cozy too
  • How about something pretty? Moms still like pretty! In fact, after looking at our dark under eye circles we crave a bit of pretty in our daily routine. I think a trinket with the new baby’s birthstone is a lovely gift that again, she probably won’t buy herself. Caden was born in October and I am loving this simple opal ring. Bravo for Etsy
  • For the fashionable newborn mom, when you have a little more to spend, Tieks seem to be a must-have. I certainly cannot justify buying a pair for myself but I know I’d get endless use out of them with tights now and barefoot in the warmer months. Carrying those infant car seats is no joke in heels!

I also asked a few of my mom friends who are in the trenches with me, in terms of having a newborn and a toddler, what they want for Christmas. Starbucks cards are a #1 request by far, following sleep, along with a great suggestion from my friend Kim for a Netflix subscription since there is a lot of TV binging when you are nursing. There were also ideas that only moms can give to other moms, but are much needed…nursing pads, milk bags, nipple cream, you get the picture.

Is your shopping done? Budget already maxed out? Fear not, because it doesn’t take much to make the mom of a newborn tear up in appreciation. Check in on us via text. Stop by with coffee and a hug. Leave us a voicemail with no intention of hearing back simply to tell us we’re doing a great job. Did I mention the power of a good hug?

Happy holidays to my mom tribe! I love and cherish you every damn day.


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