Caden: Two Months

Caden hit the two month mark on Friday, Dec. 23 amidst the Christmas craziness. The day prior we visited the doctor for his eight week checkup and learned that he had jumped to a hearty 10 lbs 11 oz. He’s still small (15% percentile) but tracking larger than his big brother without question and making big strides given his teeny stature at birth. I am even getting my wish of having a baby with rolls, as they are getting bigger and cuter around his legs and neck every day. And those cheeks!



LOVES at two months…

  • Staring at the monkey mobiles on his swing and bouncy chair
  • Napping in his car seat or arms
  • Eating (and very efficiently I might add)
  • When we coo and gurgle back to have a “conversation” with him
  • Smiling
  • New Yoee baby toy
  • Going to movies in the Solly wrap
  • The white noise machine on full blast

LOATHES at two months…

  • Being predictable
  • Teasing us with a few good nights and naps, and then switching everything around completely
  • Something in mom’s diet (still troubleshooting…)
  • The 5 a.m. – 7 a.m. hour


Caden will be taking his first flight as we head out to California to ring in the end of 2016. After that I’ll be trying not to cry daily as my final weeks of maternity leave wind down. I head back to work on Jan. 19 and plan to make the most of every darn day that I have with him. We’ll be squeezing in Breckenridge trips for Rylan’s start at ski school as well as a quick jaunt to Steamboat Springs with close friends. I am actually really glad we’ll be on the move so much because when I am away from the house I enjoy the boys more, rather than stressing about cleaning, laundry, organizing, etc.


If time began to fly when Rylan was born it is now on hyper speed (plus some). Caden is such a joy and none of us can get enough of just how much he adores being cuddled, kissed and loved on.

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