Caden: Three Months


Caden has kept us on our toes without question this past month, most notably (and so happy to have it behind us) with his bout of RSV bronchiolitis.


Love bug. If I had to quickly describe Caden, “love bug” would be the best term. His eyes are full of sparkle whenever we step into his line of sight. He loves to be held and his gummy smile makes my cheeks hurt because I have the biggest grin back for him. He is starting to light up for people other than me, which I especially enjoy¬†when it is for his big brother. Rylan doesn’t comprehend how neat it is to see Caden¬†smile and hear his excited coos, but I take it all in and my heart swells. Caden is going to ADORE his big brother, that much is clear. But, if Ry isn’t careful, Caden could also terrorize him behind my back. I have a hunch Caden is going to have some pounds on his big brother as time goes on.

Since coming home from the hospital Caden has also taken mercy on us and is (dare I jinx it) sleeping much better. His naps are stretching, he has fallen into a more manageable three hour feeding schedule and has even slept through the night a few times, or only required one feed around 3 a.m.


It’s a godsend as I returned back to work this week and wasn’t sure how I’d bring any level of professionalism to the office on four – five hours of very broken sleep. Thank. You. Caden.


LOVES at three months…

  • When he finds his thumb. We have a major thumb sucker on our hands
  • Smiling at mama and staring intently at big brother
  • Eating
  • The monkeys hanging from his swing
  • Musical toys, just like his big bro
  • Surprising us with a few good naps each day
  • Walks, car rides and all movement

LOATHES at three months…

  • Waiting for milk to heat up when he has to take a bottle instead of nursing
  • Sleeping peacefully from 3 a.m. – 6 a.m. even though he may be asleep. He’d prefer to grunt and groan and sleep cry
  • Breastfeeding battles with mom because she is still never convinced that he’s eaten enough
  • Loud noises that scare him while eating
  • Kona barking during naps (but Amazon Prime is life!)

We feel very fortunate to keep Caden home, and out of daycare, for one more month thanks to our amazing families. The doctors urged us to do whatever we could to give him another month to get strong and healthy. The February juggle will be intense at times but knowing he is cozy at home is the biggest relief.

I cannot wait to watch him continue to reveal his little personality to the world in the month ahead!

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