Caden: Four Months

Caden Four Months

It has been four months (and a few days) since Caden rounded out what I lovingly refer to as The Anderson Boys (Mike, Ry, Caden and even Kona). I forgot how much babies really start to change and mature right about now. It is so much fun and has reduced me to a puddle of mush.

I love this little one. From his Mr. Serious face to the throaty, body giggle when I tickle his neck and play peek-a-boo, he’s the sweetest soul.


And don’t even get me started on the pride I have to be the mother of two awesome boys. I absolutely melt when Caden locks eyes with his big brother and you can see the wheels turning — for both of them — that they will have so much fun growing up together and will always have one another’s backs. The bond grows stronger daily as Caden becomes more aware of the world around him.




  • Finally finding his thumb and fingers and shoving them ALL in his mouth instead of a pacifier
  • Staring at big brother Rylan
  • Mom’s silliness
  • Laying on his Skip Hop zoo activity mat to stare and reach for the hanging animals
  • Eating and eating and eating
  • Mommy’s extra big smile when he sleeps all night
  • Baby paper


  • Most tummy time sessions
  • When he is hungry and you don’t get the memo fast enough
  • Sleeping through the night every night. Only sometimes mama…
  • Being held too long, especially if his play mat is in sight
  • Afternoon naps



Tomorrow brings another big first for our family. On Wednesday morning Caden finally begins daycare and we’ll be leaving both of our boys in the care of people other than family. Rylan has thrived in this daycare setting and I am confident that Caden will too. If I do cry at drop off tomorrow it won’t be out of fear and uncertainty, like Ry’s first day in the infant room. It will be because this phase – pregnancy, maternity leave, being watched by family – is officially over.

This chapter of newborn to infant to baby boy is well underway and going faster than my heart can stand. All of his firsts are likely our lasts as parents, which is extremely bittersweet. That is probably one reason I haven’t complained at all lately about his 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. nursing session resurgence. In an instant he won’t need me at those odd times anymore. I’ll be more rested, sure, but the contentment I still feel when it is just us in a silent sleepy house is incredibly special. No one else can do that for him and I feel so lucky to be able to do so.

Happy four months little one. We are excited for what the next four weeks are sure to bring!

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