Caden: Five Months

Five months (and some change because we can never seem to take his picture on the right week) since Caden totally melted our hearts and turned me into an even bigger sap than I already was about motherhood. This kid!!

He is wiggly, happy, serious and very observant. One of my favorite times of day is when I get him in the morning. Caden is in that precious stage where every single morning his whole body nearly convulses in delight at seeing us. It’s like he literally cannot believe his eyes that we are there to retrieve him. I wish his excitement could be bottled up for eternity. My cheeks hurt we smile so big at one another during these moments.


His smile is infectious and he squeals and “happy screams” oh so loudly, often while Ry is trying to watch his nightly show. Ry begs him to please be quiet. “Mom, Caden is too loud!”

Yet when he’s not squealing and squirming in delight, he is very serious. He can stare you down and has one solid poker face. He can also pick me out of a lineup. No matter what is going on around him, he often only has eyes for his mama. I don’t mind one bit.



  • His goofy big brother
  • Mama. Such a mama’s boy
  • His bassinet, go figure! Now that it’s getting close to crib time, all of the time, he really does seem to make it through the night only when he’s in the same room as us
  • Sweet potatoes, sort of
  • Being scared/surprised, especially when we do “boo” when he’s lying on the changing table
  • Grabbing at everything in front of him. Gotta watch those plates!
  • Baths
  • Chewing as much of his hand as humanly possible


  • When the car stops moving on a car ride
  • Tummy time. Still torture
  • Avocado – not a big fan. On the fence about pears, and really, solids in general
  • Napping at daycare
  • Afternoon naps in general
  • Missing out on any fun

Caden, we’re obsessed. We love and cherish you so very much.


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