Dove Real Beauty Sketches


I have a major crush on Dove. Not just their products (in my bathroom right now: Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, Dove goFresh body wash and Dove Clinical Protection deodorant), but the brand itself. How can you not as a woman and in my case, a marketer?

Dove’s latest video inspired me and brought my already watery eyes (damn cold) to full tear-brimming capacity. Have you watched this yet?

Why are we (women) so incredibly hard on ourselves? Oh yes, that’s right. Magazine covers of airbrushed celebrities, Pinterest boards dedicated to washboard abs and “she lost 50 pounds six weeks after having a baby” headlines don’t help.

When I look in the mirror I see “flaws” that others may never notice, or gasp, could actually think are beautiful. I see years of battling acne and the dark marks lost fights have left behind. I see a chin that a doctor once wrote down could benefit from a “chin augmentation.” I see a nose that’s hard to ignore and a smile that despite full mouth braces as an adult with rubber bands, is still and will forever be crooked. Today I may embrace the growing belly that is home to our first child until July, but will I hug what is left behind weeks after delivery? How will I come to grips with the new place my hips and thighs end up? Time will tell I guess.

Please don’t mistake this as a post seeking comments about all of those flaws being in my head. I am not fishing for compliments of any kind. I merely want to start a dialogue about how hard it can be to celebrate your natural beauty, and to recognize that we are all gorgeous in our own way…inside and out. Be kind to yourself. If not everyday, at least start with once a week. That seems more than fair right?

P.S. This post is not sponsored. I pay full retail price for all of my Dove products and have never received samples. I was just inspired. 

30’s Skincare. Clueless & Curious!

每天的瓶瓶罐罐I am extremely sensitive about my skin. Having dealt with acne beginning in 6th grade and flare ups – some quite intense – from my mid-20’s onward, even one pimple can get me pretty down. It sounds vain, and maybe it is vain. But acne is both emotional and physical for me, and I know I’m not alone in that. Just ask anyone who has had to go on Accutane.

At 30 I now have to keep my flare ups at bay while also considering some preventative skincare habits, or so I’m told. Does my moisturizer have sunscreen? Um, I think so. Do I use a good eye cream at night, any night? Nope. And what the hell is a retinoid ( tells me I need it now)?

I do own a Clarisonic and use it semi-regularly. I keep Cetaphil in my shower and try very hard not to touch my face during the day. Beyond that, I’m lazy/cheap when it comes to investing in new products that may or may not cause me to look like I did in the 6th grade.

A few brands that have either been recommended to me or I’ve read about include:

I haven’t dabbled in the first three at all. The last brand, Suki, had some samples in a recent Birchbox and I really liked the cleansers. I have another one to try but it is a lotion-based cleanser and since I get slick by mid-morning I’m not sure it will work. But I’ve also been told that I over dry my skin which makes it rebel in the opposite manner (i.e., oil slick).

Any advice on brands/products to try ~ mainly moisturizer + sunscreen, eye cream and a cleanser? Retinoids, a do or don’t in the 30’s skincare routine? I appreciate your input!

Friday’s Pin of the Week: Pretties

I love flowers. As I get older I have developed a taste for more expensive flowers, go figure. These dahlias are so sweet. I’d love to display them in little jars and vases all over our house, especially the mantels and bathrooms.

Must create flower budget for spring and summer…

Meet Birchbox

Have you heard of Birchbox? I hadn’t either until my aunt told me she signed up a few months ago. According to the website, Birchbox delivers four to five beauty product samples to your doorstep monthly for just $10. The skincare and makeup samples are from some pretty well-known brands, including Benefit, Erno Laszlo, Kiehl’s and many more.

My aunt was kind enough to save a few goodies for me from her latest shipment and sent them from California to Colorado. What a treat to have them arrive for the weekend!

The goodies she saved and sent were Befine Lip Exfoliator, Blinc Mascara and Redken Shine Flash. Her package also included Pangea Organics Facial Scrub and Tea Forte Minteas.

Everything about the shipment is adorable. The box, the presentation and the little card that provides an explanation of the products and teases what more is available online at–perfection. I also love the Birchbox blog.

I’m trying to limit unnecessary expenses but I could really get used to monthly Birchbox shipments.

Have you heard of, or ever tried, Birchbox?

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