Returning to Work While Breastfeeding: My Personal Journey and Tips

Returning to Work While Breastfeeding: My Personal Journey and Tips

Of all my mom moments thus far, one of the things I am most proud of is breastfeeding our son Rylan (now 4) for one year, and being on track with Caden (9 months) to do the same.

I never share this to be boastful. Every mom, and family for that matter, has their own journey to take when it comes to breastfeeding. We all need to do a better job of supporting that journey, and the choices moms make, without judgement. For me, I am proud because in my heart it became my #1 goal and wish for our first year together. I love the experience of nursing and know that the dreaded pump is simply a part of the process if you are going to be away from the baby every day.

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Caden: Five Months

Five months (and some change because we can never seem to take his picture on the right week) since Caden totally melted our hearts and turned me into an even bigger sap than I already was about motherhood. This kid!!

He is wiggly, happy, serious and very observant. One of my favorite times of day is when I get him in the morning. Caden is in that precious stage where every single morning his whole body nearly convulses in delight at seeing us. It’s like he literally cannot believe his eyes that we are there to retrieve him. I wish his excitement could be bottled up for eternity. My cheeks hurt we smile so big at one another during these moments.


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To Rylan, A Thank You Letter


My dearest Rylan –

As we rocked out to The Strumbellas and Florence & The Machines tonight while daddy cooked dinner (thank you Hello Fresh for coming into our life last week), you playing the drums and guitar while I was in charge of the trumpet solos, I briefly remembered…for a mere moment…what like was like when it was just the three of us.

The last four months have been a whirlwind. From welcoming your brother, the holidays and Caden’s RSV scare, you’ve been right here. Growing up by leaps and bounds before our eyes. And when I step back and wipe away all of the struggles – you are SUCH a 3.5 year old boy right now – I see the kindest and most patient little boy who has handled the chaos of becoming a big brother like an absolute champ.

Thank you my sweet boy.

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Month Four Reflections from Mom

Anderson Brothers

Another month in the life of two kids has flown by. I am not sure how I’ll ever get back to blogging on a regular basis even though my head and heart are full of ideas. However, each time I sit down to write, life happens.

I don’t even know what to share or where to begin. A “recap” of the last month would be futile. What the heck happened?

Let’s start with being back to work. Because, let me tell you, hot damn. I am a few weeks into the groove yet this “groove” isn’t even reality because we’ve had my mom and aunt staying with us to help and I am at a very reduced schedule. Laundry has been done, the dishwasher emptied, dinner started, wine opened upon arriving home. Yet, despite all of this, I regularly fall into bed like a mack truck hit me. My brain cannot even process how we’ll stay afloat when I am back to 100% on April 1st and all the in-home help is gone. Two words: Take. Out.

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Caden: Three Months


Caden has kept us on our toes without question this past month, most notably (and so happy to have it behind us) with his bout of RSV bronchiolitis.


Love bug. If I had to quickly describe Caden, “love bug” would be the best term. His eyes are full of sparkle whenever we step into his line of sight. He loves to be held and his gummy smile makes my cheeks hurt because I have the biggest grin back for him. He is starting to light up for people other than me, which I especially enjoy when it is for his big brother. Rylan doesn’t comprehend how neat it is to see Caden smile and hear his excited coos, but I take it all in and my heart swells. Caden is going to ADORE his big brother, that much is clear. But, if Ry isn’t careful, Caden could also terrorize him behind my back. I have a hunch Caden is going to have some pounds on his big brother as time goes on.

Since coming home from the hospital Caden has also taken mercy on us and is (dare I jinx it) sleeping much better. His naps are stretching, he has fallen into a more manageable three hour feeding schedule and has even slept through the night a few times, or only required one feed around 3 a.m.

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On the Mend: RSV Reflections

I originally began writing this post (the section in italics below) sometime on Jan. 9 or Jan. 10. I honestly cannot remember because last week was a complete blur.

I am currently sitting on a fold out bed in the pediatric ICU (PICU) unit of Children’s Hospital Colorado. Caden, now 11 weeks, has RSV bronchiolitis. We’re here because his perfect, tiny little body simply doesn’t have the mechanics to fight this nasty virus on its own. He needs the love, support and expertise of the doctors and nurses here who are monitoring every aspect of his recovery by the minute. There is nowhere in the world I’d rather be right now. Except, of course, at home with my baby who was perfectly healthy just a few short days ago.

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Caden: Two Months

Caden hit the two month mark on Friday, Dec. 23 amidst the Christmas craziness. The day prior we visited the doctor for his eight week checkup and learned that he had jumped to a hearty 10 lbs 11 oz. He’s still small (15% percentile) but tracking larger than his big brother without question and making big strides given his teeny stature at birth. I am even getting my wish of having a baby with rolls, as they are getting bigger and cuter around his legs and neck every day. And those cheeks!



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Caden: One Month


Caden has been peacefully napping for about 35 minutes as I sit down to write this. Which means, I have anywhere from zero to 10 minutes until he thinks his nap is over and is screaming his head off. Fun times. Therefore, in the spirit of the fastest four weeks of our lives, below is a quickly typed list of Caden’s one month favorites.


  • To be held by anyone and everyone
  • Being worn in the Solly wrap (…which I borrowed from a coworker because I rarely, if ever, wore Rylan. I absolutely adore this wrap and wish I knew about it last time)
  • Eating every 2 – 2.5 hours
  • Milk. From mom, a bottle…he doesn’t care where it comes from as long as it’s ready for him upon waking from his pathetically short naps
  • Kisses from Rylan
  • Rock n’ Play sleeper
  • Peeing on anyone and everything when we don’t move fast enough during diaper changes
  • Stroller walks

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Making His Mark: Caden’s Early Days

Through the years we’ll get to watch Rylan and Caden come into their own, and it will always be interesting to observe their inherent differences and similarities. We’re closing in on four weeks as a family of four and let me say, they couldn’t be more different…both in their features (check out the side by side! Ry is on the left) and in their early personalities.


As I sat down to write this post (yesterday…could never get enough time to finish it) my eyes are swollen and bleary. I can count on one hand the good days/nights of sleep since coming home from the hospital. With Rylan it was polar opposite. I could count the bad days on one hand as he loved sleep but fought me on eating.

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Welcoming Caden: A Birth Story

Apologies for the long post but I wanted to get all of the story written down before the details start to fade…

I am a type-A planner. Therefore, having a scheduled induction date once again for baby #2 was right up my alley. On the night of Oct. 30 we’d check into the hospital and welcome our little on the next day…a Halloween baby. All was set.

Oh wait. The moment you think things are “all set” as a parent, reality hits and you’re thrust into chaos. Enter Caden Earl Anderson.

Since finding out ‘Pint’ was on the way, I have remained uncharacteristically laid back and somewhat unprepared for the arrival of number two. I never packed a bag and certainly didn’t pre-install the car seat like we did for Rylan. We dug baby essentials out of the attic a week or two ago and my plans to fill the freezer with healthy meals was essentially laughable. I had to be reminded to make many of my doctor’s appointments and forgot how to access the labor & delivery floor of the hospital after-hours (which comes into play later).

Let’s rewind to the morning of Saturday, Oct. 22, when I was officially 38 weeks along. I had just returned the afternoon before from my company overnight in Vail and had confidently declared “see you Monday” to all of my coworkers. I casually mentioned to Mike on Friday night that maybe I should get a bag together but took no action. We woke up bright and early on Saturday and headed to the zoo for Boo at the Zoo with Rylan and his best friend Naomi. We walked around the zoo for hours with Naomi and her dad and I felt great. I took a few opportunities to sit down toward the end but had no inkling of the evening to come.

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