Pinterest Recipe Review: Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry

My slow cooker has been getting a serious workout lately. It really makes life easier with the hubby working on the basement until 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. every night and me being utterly exhausted after work + the gym.

The second Pinterest slow cooker recipe find that I tried this week is a vegetable curry from Better Homes & Gardens. I loved that I already had all the spices on hand and that the ingredients list wasn’t totally overwhelming. I doubled the amount of green beans it called for and might do the same with the tomatoes and possibly the vegetable broth in the future. I prefer my slow cooker meals to have a lot of residual juice and sauce. Pair the curry with quinoa and you have a protein powerhouse thanks to the chickpeas in the mixture.

Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry recipe from Better Homes & Gardens. Enjoy!

If you want to take a look at what other recipes have my mouth watering on Pinterest, please follow my “Have Kitchen Will Cook” board.

Pinterest Recipe Review: Slow Cooker Pesto Lasagna


This past weekend I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. So while taking breaks from my ridiculous Downton Abbey¬†marathon (I’m officially hooked and chomping at the bit to watch season three) I decided to try two recipes from my “Have Kitchen Will Cook” Pinterest board.

First up, a Slow Cooker Pesto Lasagna with Spinach and Mushrooms recipe from Cooking Light. I have never made a lasagna from scratch so this seemed like an easy entry point. While it doesn’t compare to my mom’s lasagna, it was hearty and full of flavor. I doubled the amount of spinach used (a powerhouse pregnancy food) and added red chili flakes to the jarred sauce. In general I think it could have used even more sauce but that was easy to add when reheating leftovers.

If you are low on time or are scared (like me) of making lasagna completely from scratch, bookmark this recipe and give it a try. I don’t think you’ll regret it!

Quinoa and Chocolate Chip Protein Bites

I often worry that I am not getting enough protein given my gym routine and lack of meat in my diet. I do still eat fish and semi-regularly incorporate tofu and tempeh into my meals, but it likely isn’t enough. So when I pinned a recipe for Quinoa Protein Bites recently, it wasn’t long until I was at the store gathering the missing ingredients.

Protein powder, quinoa and flax combine with peanut butter and chocolate chips for a sweet treat.

Disclaimer. The bites are much yummier than they appear in this crappy phone picture. However, the texture is super tricky to get right. First I froze them and they were rock hard. So I let them thaw a bit and they fell apart into a goopy mess in my hand. So I decided to toss them back in the freezer and just wait a few minutes or microwave them for about five seconds before eating.

Mike looked at me like I was trying to poison him when I handed him a goopy version but quickly agreed the taste was stellar. Kind of like an uber healthy peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie.

If you want a quick bite of something sweet that also packs important nutrients, give these a try. Don’t be afraid to stir in some ground flax, nuts or chia seeds as well! Hope to hear from you if you try these at home.

Link: Quinoa Protein Bites recipe by Shawn Can Blog.


Decadent Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet cake “filled” with cheesecake pudding and topped with Cool Whip and Oreos. This isn’t something I make everyday. In fact, I rarely bake because I refuse to have such temptations in our house. But this past weekend we hosted friends in Breckenridge and I felt the need to serve something sweet and special.

I turned to my “Have Kitchen, Will Cook” Pinterest board to choose a recipe, and Red Velvet Poke Cake via The Country Cook practically jumped out of my screen. Semi-homemade baking appeals to me and this could not have been any easier. It was devoured by everyone in mere moments of it hitting dessert plates.

Recipe via The Country Cook.

Treat yourself and tell me what you think! Just sign up for a few extra gym classes first!

Overnight Crockpot Oatmeal


Mother Thyme, I love you. I don’t know you but I love you for inspiring me to finally try my hand at overnight oatmeal. Our kitchen smelled delicious in the morning and I can only imagine how incredible this trick is for busy parents trying to get an entire family out the door without succumbing to Pop Tarts. While it’s just Mike and me, my love affair with the snooze button can make having a wholesome breakfast tricky some days.

If you are an oatmeal purist who is concerned about the soggy factor, don’t be. Perhaps you think this recipe may be too sweet? Trust me, it’s not. I chose a quick reheat method of one minute and 15 seconds in the microwave, then topped with fresh blueberries and a splash of skim milk. I wasn’t hungry until lunchtime! One other note, I also added ground flaxseed to the ingredients list.

Recipe by Mother Thyme. Thank me (well, mainly her) tomorrow morning.


Penne Rosa with Shrimp


I am extremely grateful to my colleague who shared this delectable and healthier Penne Rosa with Shrimp recipe with me last week. The recipe is via She, like myself, loves Noodles & Company but is also wary of the nutritionals on many of their dishes. Substituting nonfat Greek yogurt for heavy cream instantly lightens and de-guilts this dish. I ended up adding more spinach at the end because I absolutely love spinach but overall this recipe is a breeze to follow start to finish. I also only had gluten free penne on hand and it fell apart toward the end. True whole wheat penne would be preferred.



Tempeh Quesadillas

Source: via Alexis on Pinterest


On Tuesday night I typed “tempeh” into the Pinterest search field and was greeted with dozens of delicious looking recipes. But I knew I’d be short on time after work and a trip to the grocery store so quesadillas seemed like the perfect first dish to try making with tempeh.

Let’s just say that as I type this it is Wednesday night and I am eating tempeh quesadillas for the third time in a row – Tuesday night dinner, Wednesday lunch and now dinner again. They are that good and having the leftover mixture makes it hard to muster the motivation to make anything else.

Tempeh, like tofu, scares most of my non vegetarian or pescatarian friends. But I actually found it simpler to work with than tofu and the texture is likely much easier for meat eaters to stomach. When crumbled it resembles ground meat but in the plain, five grain form I have to imagine it is much healthier than fake meat alternatives. Plus, some brands pack more protein per serving than tofu–critical if you are abstaining from meat entirely.

Recipe via

Have you cooked with tempeh?

Pin of the Week: A Healthier Slice


Cauliflower pizza crust? The pizza-lover in me is quite intrigued. Mother Thyme is a gorgeous blog and I was thrilled to stumble upon it via this pin earlier in the week. When I get brave enough to give this a try, you will all be the first to learn about the taste test results. Mike may need some convincing first!

Night 2: Crispy Quinoa and Bean Cakes

Tuesday was night one of a two-night meal plan. We had quinoa, kale, sweet potatoes and pesto. Last night we used the leftovers to make quinoa cakes.

NIght #2 Recipe: Crispy Quinoa and Bean Cakes

Oh my goodness were these good and so simple to make. Total prep couldn’t have been more than 10 or 15 minutes and they cooked in about 4 1/2 minutes per side. I topped each with pesto from the night before since we now have an entire jar of pesto in our fridge to use. We each ate two cakes and will have them tonight again for dinner since there was so much leftover mixture.

Whether you are completely meatless or are just trying to cut meat out a few days a week, bookmark this recipe. Mike, a big meat eater, gave it a thumbs up both nights. Also, I’m now hooked on one night’s recipe turning into the base for night two. If you have similar recipes or meal plans, please share in the comments section!

One Recipe for Two Night’s Worth of Dinners

Recently I tore out a recipe from Real Simple that is designed to use one night’s leftovers as a base for dinner the next night. I know this isn’t a new concept but in quest to become a better meal planner and grocery shopper, I decided it was time to give it a try.

Night #1 Recipe: Quinoa with Sweet Potatoes, Kale and Pesto

Mike was in charge of prep since I wanted to take a yoga sculpt class after work. When I got home the kitchen was remarkably clean and he didn’t seem at all stressed by the cooking process–a win. We did not have walnuts on hand and I don’t feel that took away from the dish at all. We also used store-bought jar pesto (lightly drizzled on top once everything was plated) and it added a nice extra dimension to the kale and sweet potato flavors. Do not skip the pesto.

Tomorrow I’ll use the leftover quinoa to make fritters/patties by combining the grains with the leftover veggies, coarsely chopped. Can’t wait to let you know how those turn out!

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