Hey, Remember Me?

Wow. I think this is the longest hiatus I’ve taken from blogging. And to be honest, I haven’t missed it.

I won’t bore you with a recap of what’s happened since my last post. There were wonderful holidays. Disneyland. Kicking off ski season. Attempts at potty training. Work. Laughs. Tears. Memories forever made.

My family is my heart and I’ve been giving the tiny ounces of extra energy I have each night to them, instead of here.

But the itch to write and share is back, authentically, so hopefully a few of you still care to hear from me.

Every time I have sat down to blog in recent weeks I got stopped by a block and two questions. Why do people like to hear from me, and what drives me? Well, it all comes back to this working mom thing. It defines every aspect of me at this point of my life.

Working defines how I pour myself into motherhood when we are together. It defines my drive to dream big because I want to provide all that I can to our family. It defines when I do things for myself, from 5 a.m. workouts to planning a girls dinner weeks in advance to make sure it doesn’t fall on a week where I have already been away from home more than once or twice. It defines my pride, and all of my guilt.

You Got This

This is the perspective I plan to bring to the blog in 2016. Whether I am sharing a meal prep tip for surviving the week or pushing myself to unplug more when I am with Rylan and away from the office, Lex & Learn has evolved into a safe place for me to be open, honest, sarcastic and real.

I’m honored that people read my posts and I hope to learn and grow with you throughout the year ahead.

All my thanks!

Realizations from the Big Apple



Tired mommy soaking up the little guy before leaving again in the morning.

Tired mommy soaking up the little guy before leaving again in the morning.

I just returned from five nights away from home, and am turning around in the morning for one more day and night away. While I’ve been away from Rylan for five nights once before, this is the first trip of this length where I have been, essentially, by myself. I tacked Saturday and Sunday onto a Monday – Wednesday work trip to New York City. It’s a city that has a piece of my heart even though I’ve never lived there. I spent two carefree weekend days wandering Manhattan with my cousin and it was blissful. Both moms, we reveled in not having any sort of a schedule. We shopped, ate and slept in for two uninterrupted mornings. Heaven. Then I checked into a hotel for two hectic but rewarding days for a client media event. I opted to skip the lure of the city both nights and trade busy bars for basic hotel cable and blackout shades.

Safe to say I didn’t realize just how exhausted and run down I was until this trip. Ironically, I slept more in New York City than anywhere else I’ve been in months, maybe years.

When I am away from home people love to ask how I do it, or comment how it must be so hard. Many ask, “is this your first trip away?” I love the varying reactions when I say “nope, I’ve actually been away for nights here and there since he was 7 weeks old.”

But every trip is different, and this one (since it somewhat continues through Friday…I have a company retreat in Vail tomorrow through Friday morning) feels especially long. It has made me realize a few things I have been taking for granted.

  • My husband is the best. Seriously, the best. He never batted an eye or made me feel guilty for one minute about extending my time in NYC, or when our company offsite got scheduled for the day after I returned from NYC. He planned a super fun weekend for Rylan while I was playing in NYC that included a hike, seeing friends and going to the pumpkin patch. Every time I talked to Rylan on the phone he sounded extremely happy and content
  • I’m pushing myself really hard, mentally and physically. The pressure I put on myself to workout Monday – Friday, eat healthy and work full time is tremendous. I am not saying anything is going to change, but I need to be careful. I was in shock how much sleep I needed to catch up on this trip.
  • I want us to be better savers so we can do more traveling with Rylan. I was enthralled with viewing NYC through my new “mom lens” and want to bring him back to explore the parks, museums and other kid-friendly Big Apple attractions. I know he will LOVE the subway trains, buses and seeing the water.
  • It’s more than possible to live small with kids. Like, really small. I am in awe of how my cousin makes their 1,000 square foot apartment gorgeous and totally livable. I spent a lot of time thinking about how much I hope we can stay close to downtown Denver and make the most out of our urban-ish home, a mansion compared to how Manhattan families live. A BBQ is a luxury to most Manhattan dwellers and we have a ton more space to maximize if we simply learn to cut back where we can and make Ikea storage hacks a regular part of our vocabulary.
  • Mike is amazing. Yes, I had to reiterate this one more time. I am so damn grateful to have a true partner day after day.

NYC, I already miss you. But home sweet home (for 12 hours) feels quite incredible.

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