Meet Lex

I started Lex & Learn very early one Saturday morning when I couldn’t sleep. Originally I thought it would just be a place for me to learn more about blogging since it was the hot thing in PR at the time. Instead, blogging became an addictive creative outlet. A passion.

Lex & Learn is first and foremost, a personal blog. Any products or services that I write about are featured because I enjoy them. I will always be 100% honest with my readers if I accept any sort of compensation for a review.

What can you expect if you add Lex & Learn to your Google reader? Musings about being a new homeowner in the Mile High City, a newlywed, aspiring foodie, and a mom to our crazy fur child Kona, an 83 pound lab/border collie mix who runs our household and has captured our hearts. This journey also includes my regular attempts to make fitness a regular part of my life, and plenty of posts about my cherished role as Auntie Lex to Sophia, Caroline, Jackson, Olivia and Cooper. Yep, we have five nieces and nephews!

I’m impatient. Sentimental. Sarcastic. Always talking. Terrified of bees. A lover of wine and cocktails. I am blessed with an awesome husband, fantastic friends and the most supportive family on earth.

That’s me, Alexis (aka Lex). Thanks so much for stopping by!

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