Pin of the Week: Adorable Measuring Cups

The last thing in the world I need is more kitchen stuff. But c’mon, these are simply precious and I know they would make me smile amidst the worst baking meltdown.


Anthropologie, I love you. xoxo

Covet: Versatile Summer Tops

I consider myself very lucky to be able to wear jeans most days to work. It makes a huge difference in dry cleaning bills and overall ease/comfort throughout the week.

But every spring, as the temperatures start to climb, I find myself having the same issue in the morning…I stand in front of my closet and aside from my trusted cardigans, am at a total loss for spring/summer tops that are work appropriate. I purchase one or two every year, but I have to donate one or two each year too because they are so worn out–and the cycle of having only two or three warm-weather work tops perpetuates.

Denver has been unseasonably warm since early March so I am really feeling the pinch. On Sunday I allowed myself a few minutes with the new Anthropologie catalog (I try to throw it away immediately to avoid temptation) and fell in love with several items, including the blouse below.

At $78 it isn’t an outrageous purchase. and I am sure that it would get a ton of wear on weekdays and the weekend.


Thoughts? And, where else do you suggest I hunt for spring/summer tops that will not break the bank?

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