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You guys. Have you ever formed a new blogger crush, only to have that person reach out and offer to feature YOU as part of your favorite series on their blog? Me either…until today!

Kerry at Breadwinning Mama writes a fantastic ‘Her Juggle’ series in which she profiles other working moms in a Q&A format. She reached out to me via Twitter to ask if I’d be interested in sharing my perspective and I jumped at the chance. A few nights later I stayed up way past my self-imposed bedtime to answer the questions. The process felt therapeutic and uplifting.

I hope you’ll take a moment and head over to Breadwinning Mama today to read my ‘Her Juggle’ Q&A. And while you’re there, sign up to receive her latest posts by email. I know I’m way too busy these days for the nightly blogroll reading I used to do, so waking up to her fresh perspective, advice and journey is refreshing and motivating.

Thank you, Kerry, for this honor!

First 30 Days of 30: Day Eighteen

Favorite Blogs.

I’m addicted to blogging and am inspired by dozens who do it SO much better than me. These bloggers are more honest, better photographers, awesome photo editors, skilled at HTML and so on. In short, they kill it each and every day.

Kelly (my sister in law) doesn’t always have time to blog these days but I love her wit and “tell it how it is” policy. Plus, I can’t get enough of the adorable photos of Caroline, Sophia and Cooper

Lindsay also gets straight to the point and isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. And don’t even get me started on her incredible photography, website design, etc. Her banner changes what seems like seasonally and it always rocks

Cupcakes and Cashmere…my coworkers are probably sick of my talking about this blog and how much I want a client to partner with her the way Estee Lauder has this year. The site is simply lovely and her design and decor tastes are impeccable

I do not know Gina of Running to the Kitchen or Kat from Living Like the Kings personally, but between Gina’s recipes and Kat’s funny and honest stories about being a busy working mom, I’ve been hooked on both blogs for well over a year

Another blogger I don’t know in real life is Emily of The Culinary Couple. I stumbled across this blog when she was still pregnant with their first baby and it has been a blast to read her stories and see pictures from his first year. Plus she posts some amazing recipes and they are also new homeowners so I enjoy seeing their project updates

I’m reading fewer fashion blogs these days but I still adore Shoppings My Cardio and Hip Hip Gin Gin

My list could go on and on but these are always at the top!

Pin of the Week: Bright Colors and LA Style

I’m loving this picture for two reasons. #1 – the colors are amazing even though I would never have the guts to pull off such a bold lemon and lime combo. #2 – Wilshire Blvd is one of my favorite streets in Los Angeles…where I am all day today (Friday) before heading to Santa Barbara to see one of my oldest friends marry an incredible man! Life is good.

Thanks to Jen P of Camille Styles for sharing such a fun picture and blog post. If you don’t read Camille Styles, go do it. Now!

Covet: Bright and Multi-Patterned Summer Dress

Cupcakes and Cashmere is one of my very favorite blogs. Her pictures are gorgeous and she is beyond creative. I wish I could have a fraction of her DIY and hostess genes.

Her fashion sense is also to. die. for. Take, for example, this Clover Canyon frock that she rocked earlier in the week. Bright + three different patterns, yet it all works. I’m in love with this dress for summer.


It’s currently $211 on RevolveClothing.com ~ so I’m hoping for a sale. I’m that person who has a REALLY hard time paying more than $50 – $100 for a dress that isn’t going to get tons and tons of wear.

What blogs do you love for fashion inspiration?

New Blog Crush and Thursday Ramblings

I read a lot of blogs but it takes some sort of unknown “pull” for me really connect to a blog, so much so that it becomes part of my nightly reading routine. Therefore, when I do stumble across one that is unfamiliar but truly great, I get extra excited (in that sort of dorky blogger kind of way).

I am betting that you’re going to feel the same about Eat Sleep Cuddle. Cute name yes, but her kick ass content is why I think you’ll add her to your RSS feed.

Her tone of voice is honest and witty. Her posts are helpful, resourceful and beautiful. Put it this way, I never wanted to make a raw kale and brussels sprout salad until reading this post, and I am debating whether or not to skip my nightly dessert routine for the icky Apple Cider Vinegar tea that could have my skin glowing by morning.

But are you asking yourself, “so what?” What is Alexis getting at with this random Thursday post?

I guess the underlying driver for this post is that every night as I comb through my trusty blogroll I am inspired, humbled and to be perfectly honest, pretty intimidated by all the talent out there. Let’s get real for a moment, Lex & Learn is not the start of a business venture, so I don’t have fancy photo editing software or other sparkly add-on’s that make certain blogs simply spectacular. But that doesn’t stop me from going on and on, day after day, and I’ll take all the direction and inspiration I get can from the likes of “those” top, TOP bloggers any chance I can get.

And, thank you. Thank you to my mom, friends, coworkers, family members…to everyone who stops by from time to time. I blog for you. I blog for me. It’s a release in a creative format that doesn’t involve glue, scrapbooking or trips to Hobby Lobby (all things I love in theory but cringe around in reality). I believe that blogging is a way to savor memories and hold yourself accountable for tomorrow’s biggest dreams and goals.

I love the little Lex & Learn world I’ve built and am seriously grateful to have some wonderful supporters who follow along.

Sunday Blog Love ~ March 25

Love is all aroundExcuses, excuses. I have plenty of those for why the Sunday Blog Love series has fallen by the wayside. Those aside, it is one of my favorite posts to write so since I’ve found myself with a moment of “me” time, I thought I’d bring it back.


Have a lovely Sunday!

Blog Love ~ Feb. 26

LoveSigh, it has been too long since my last Sunday Blog Love post. If you read Lex & Learn regularly you know that the first few months of 2012 are extremely hectic (in a good way) for Mike and me, so I am getting behind on blogging some weeks–but not this one!

Loves of the week include…

  • This killer weekend day and night ensemble by Sequins and Stripes. I am in love with the whole look, but am seriously debating whether or not to treat myself to that dress. It is still winter in Colorado so dresses with sleeves are a must, as is being able to rock dresses with tights.
  • The Everygirl launched this week and while I don’t know Danielle personally, from reading her blog she seems absolutely lovely and I’m excited for her success. If you don’t know what The Everygirl is yet, go learn about it right now!
  • Maybe I will do something like Project Life when I have kids, maybe I won’t. I’m not very crafty or patient. But my friend Lindsay is AMAZING at it and I am truly in awe of her Project Life digital creations. Her girls are going to love going through their books when they are older. Maybe Lindsay will teach me like she’s guiding my sister-in-law Kelly!

I also want to officially welcome Anne Mason to the blogging world. Anne is the fantastic better half to my cousin Joey. They live in New Orleans and just bought a beautiful old home…and according to her new blog Hammer & Heels, there are lots of projects in store.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Blog Love ~ Jan. 29

heartI wish I could live in half the blogs in my bookmark bar. I am in awe of how bloggers find time to discover beautiful things, but keep up their own site. Do they sleep? Luckily for all of us they must not, which means we get to enjoy prettiness like this.

What posts captured your heart this week?

Blog Love ~ Jan. 22

gold hearts
Another week, another “that is so freaking cool” trip through bloggers-ville.

  • I want to live at Danielle’s (Breakfast at Toast) house, or fly her to Denver to come decorate ours. WOW!
  • Admiring Katie from The Neo-traditionalist and her super chic pixie cut. I am still almost in tears some days because of how short my hair is right now, so I totally love her confidence for being able to go that short.
  • Camille Styles’ Sea Glass color collage embodies the essence of fresh and beautiful.
  • Colorado’s mountains (our second home) are finally getting the snow they so desperately need, so Hip Hip Gin Gin’s Let it Snow fashion and accessories guide came at a great time. I am really needing the navy hooded cardigan.
  • The neon genius on Shoppings My Cardio is more than a week old, but I was a bit behind in my blog reading and literally gasped at how awesome these runway looks are. I would kill to be able to pull this look off, especially because it would be so unexpected based on my typical style.

Have a fabulous Sunday!

Education and Inspiration

Blogging Research WordleVmac & Cheese is one of my favorite blogs. I “found” Victoria last year and look forward to her gorgeous posts each day. So I was thrilled on Monday night when, catching up on blogs from the long weekend, I discovered her awesome series of blogging tips that kicked off on Jan. 16.

Link to first post: Welcome to Mini-Alt Week!

All of the tips are great, and the overall layout of this series is even better. Take for instance the digital photography tips post. We bought a DSLR camera last summer and while I want to improve and get off the auto feature, books and lengthy posts about digital photography quickly have my eyes glazing over. I just don’t learn that way.

Whether you currently have a blog or have thought about starting one, I hope you’ll agree that this is a series you should not miss. Thanks Victoria for the inspiration and collaboration with so many amazing bloggers this week.

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