Guest Room Touches

We do not have a ton of guests at any given time but I am obsessed with slowly creating the most comfortable, inviting guest room possible. I think it says a lot when hosts go the extra mile to make a spare room cozy, which is why I am thrilled that we were finally able to purchase a statement upholstered chair for a bare corner of the space.

Forgive the camera lens cover on the bed. I didn’t notice it until I sat down to blog and I’m too tired and sore from three back-to-back killer workouts to stand up again. But I digress…

World Market, in my opinion, is a go-to store for anyone who likes eclectic home decor options on a reasonable budget. I’ve been watching the chair selection at World Market for months and was over the moon when the Green Ikat Darby chair dropped to just $97 with a 25 percent off coupon over the weekend. That’s a total savings of about $82 people!

I think I’ll hunt for a small, bright table to sit next to the chair for a clock and another place for guests to set a glass and/or a bud vase with fresh flowers. I found one at Home Goods last weekend for $79 but want to give it a little more thought. Bright and colorful is critical in this room because the basement ceilings are low and we’re trying to keep the vibe as cheery as possible.

What guest room touches have you incorporated into your home?

One Pillow. Big Idea.

We are weeks, perhaps months, away from having our basement bedroom ready for guests. Sure, my mom and hopefully my aunt Jan will visit long before then, but they are family and are by nature very understanding of our “one room at a time” approach to fixing up our new house.

Right now it is a horrible red color on the walls and the ceiling. Who paints a basement ceiling red? I’ve got plans to brighten it up with light and airy colors and a few small table or floor lamps. Because of the size we’ll likely opt for a full size bed, which my mom says is just fine–her motto is that guests need to be comfortable, but not so comfortable that they overstay their welcome. She’s a smart lady.

On Wednesday of this week, one simple throw pillow spotted at Lulu’s got me even more excited to spruce up our downstairs lair for guests from far and near.

By no means do I want to have a kitschy Colorado themed guest room. However, I have gorgeous big deep red European sham pillows from our San Diego apartment and can picture the above throw looking super chic against a fluffy cream duvet and my old over sized shams. One small dresser and a delicate, possibly metal bedside accent table could hold a monogrammed water carafe (it is very dry here for out of town guests) and a Colorado picture book. A cozy throw at the end of the bed could be used on chilly nights while a small wicker basket on the dresser can hold small hand lotions and chapstick. Our 5,280 altitude is killer on sea-level skin.

One room at a time…but I can’t wait to welcome guests with confidence that they will absolutely love their home away from home.

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