Guest Room Touches

We do not have a ton of guests at any given time but I am obsessed with slowly creating the most comfortable, inviting guest room possible. I think it says a lot when hosts go the extra mile to make a spare room cozy, which is why I am thrilled that we were finally able to purchase a statement upholstered chair for a bare corner of the space.

Forgive the camera lens cover on the bed. I didn’t notice it until I sat down to blog and I’m too tired and sore from three back-to-back killer workouts to stand up again. But I digress…

World Market, in my opinion, is a go-to store for anyone who likes eclectic home decor options on a reasonable budget. I’ve been watching the chair selection at World Market for months and was over the moon when the Green Ikat Darby chair dropped to just $97 with a 25 percent off coupon over the weekend. That’s a total savings of about $82 people!

I think I’ll hunt for a small, bright table to sit next to the chair for a clock and another place for guests to set a glass and/or a bud vase with fresh flowers. I found one at Home Goods last weekend for $79 but want to give it a little more thought. Bright and colorful is critical in this room because the basement ceilings are low and we’re trying to keep the vibe as cheery as possible.

What guest room touches have you incorporated into your home?

Pin of the Week: Colorful Accents

On July 4th I was home most of the afternoon, which gave me time to troll the online sales. Pottery Barn had some great things, although everything I liked was in the “Fall Preview” section. Translation? Still very much full price. Typical.

Eventually we’ll need new basement furniture, but that is quite a ways off when you look at our entire list of home decor priorities. Even though our couch and chair will continue to be with us for a significant amount of time, I’d love to be able to swap out our Target end tables (circa 2005. Very dated and scratched). Instead of a coffee table in the basement I very much want an ottoman that is comfortable enough for feet (shoes off) but still functional as a coffee table by setting down some great trays.

Meet Tara…she’d look lovely in our basement and would add a great pop of color without contrasting from our existing couch and chair. I also really dig the legs as eventually, I want lighter furniture in the basement. Even with more overhead lighting in the TV room when we can afford it, the overall setup is more on the man cave side.

Maybe by next July 4th Tara will be on sale? Here’s to hoping!


Spring Fever

It was 60+ degrees in Denver on Sunday and needless to say, I am ready to put the tall boots away.

Is it Spring yet?

Between a 3rd birthday party, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and working (all on Sunday), I managed to squeeze in a quick walk with Kona. Our stroll through the neighborhood was the first since we moved into our new house given how cold (okay, we’ve become obscenely lazy) our winter has been. It was nice to see life again…and by life, I mean people running, walking, gardening, etc. My mind quickly wandered to our front and backyard areas. There is so much work to be done!

Planting is something I am only “so so” excited about…blame it on my intense fear of bees. That could be an entirely separate post, or a dedicated blog altogether. Instead I am dreaming about gorgeous outdoor furniture to lounge on starting at dusk, when the bees are far away for the evening.

If I could go on a spring fever outdoor shopping spree right now, it might look something like this…

Pottery Barn: Galvanized Storage Cube

Pottery Barn: Palmetto Wicker Sectional

Restoration Hardware: Carmel Collection

All of these items are well beyond our Wal-Mart and Target price point but I never tire of looking for inspiration. Apparently I am digging metal furniture right now, though I have always wanted an outdoor couch. One day I will have an outdoor sectional from Pottery Barn. It’s a fact.

What do spring temperatures make you crave?

Pillow Talk

Let’s pretend money is not an option, or that I won an Anthropologie gift card to spend on home decor items for our new house.

Okay, now that the minor issue of funding is solved, indulge me on drooling over these amazing throw pillows. As I walked through our front door after work one night I realized we need to add a little flair to our new dark brown leather love seat upstairs. One or two of these would do the trick just fine!

Source: / From top / Plumage pillow / Orange pillow / Dianthus tile pillow

I’m extra smitten with the top and bottom pillows because they are not the standard square shape. I envision setting one of them (leaning towards the peacock) right in the middle of the love seat for color, still saving plenty of room for two guests to sit comfortably.

This weekend I hope to hunt for the goodies at our local Home Goods, so maybe I’ll find a great pillow or two at more friendly “new homeowner” prices.

Are you throw pillow obsessed like me, but slightly (or very) appalled at the prices?

Tray Trends

I have no idea where the “display a chic tray on your coffee table” trend came from, but I dig it. Now that our upstairs living room is beginning to take shape I am on the hunt for a great tray to bring coffee table to life.

Pottery Barn; West Elm; Restoration Hardware

Mike was sitting next to me as I found these beauties and chimed in to say, “see, that’s why you should buy me a table saw for my birthday. I can make you one of these.”

While I am not excited about the thought of buying him a saw for his 30th birthday in March (so boring!), I am intrigued about the possibility of finding all sorts of accessories on Pinterest and my favorite blogs and challenging him to recreate them in our garage. Pallet furniture anyone?

Are you smitten with the current “tray trends?” Have you incorporated a statement tray into your decor this year?

Wordless Wednesday: We Own a Table


One Pillow. Big Idea.

We are weeks, perhaps months, away from having our basement bedroom ready for guests. Sure, my mom and hopefully my aunt Jan will visit long before then, but they are family and are by nature very understanding of our “one room at a time” approach to fixing up our new house.

Right now it is a horrible red color on the walls and the ceiling. Who paints a basement ceiling red? I’ve got plans to brighten it up with light and airy colors and a few small table or floor lamps. Because of the size we’ll likely opt for a full size bed, which my mom says is just fine–her motto is that guests need to be comfortable, but not so comfortable that they overstay their welcome. She’s a smart lady.

On Wednesday of this week, one simple throw pillow spotted at Lulu’s got me even more excited to spruce up our downstairs lair for guests from far and near.

By no means do I want to have a kitschy Colorado themed guest room. However, I have gorgeous big deep red European sham pillows from our San Diego apartment and can picture the above throw looking super chic against a fluffy cream duvet and my old over sized shams. One small dresser and a delicate, possibly metal bedside accent table could hold a monogrammed water carafe (it is very dry here for out of town guests) and a Colorado picture book. A cozy throw at the end of the bed could be used on chilly nights while a small wicker basket on the dresser can hold small hand lotions and chapstick. Our 5,280 altitude is killer on sea-level skin.

One room at a time…but I can’t wait to welcome guests with confidence that they will absolutely love their home away from home.

Home Ownership Day 9

We are nine days into home ownership and I am learning so much already. I can tell that the next few weeks and months are going to teach me a lot, and I am going to have to become more flexible and patient overall.

Are you a home owner? Let me know if you agree with my “Top Five Realizations” thus far…

  1. Everything takes longer than you think. An hour to paint a room? Try three. Two days to move in and get organized? Try nine (and we’re not even close yet).
  2. You discover new things to fix around every corner. I never even noticed the icky, sprayed on texture in the second upstairs bedroom and imagined it would be painted within our first night or two in the house. Not so fast. It required Mike to scrape by hand and then use a wall sander to get everything evened out.
  3. Decorating dreams inspired by Pinterest don’t match your new homeowner budget.
  4. You worry about everything way more than a rental. Moving a dresser without furniture foot pads? Hell no! Do not scratch MY hardwood floors.
  5. You and your home-owning partner (in this case, my very handy hubby Mike) can talk for hours upon hours about the house. Sentences begin with, “what if,” and “one day,” and “I was thinking that we could…” It instantly becomes your first born child–or in our case, second born after Kona our fur baby.

There is a lot more in store for the Anderson’s as we paint, scrape, plant and build our way into the house that will be our home for years to come.

Priority Purchase: Dining Room Set

My wish list for our new home is miles long, to be fulfilled over years of DIY projects and saving for what is really important. Our house is not huge by any stretch. But, we’re coming from an extra-cozy one bedroom duplex so we have several rooms that will sit empty until we are able to acquire some more furniture. And, while I am not opposed to hand-me-downs, I’ve spent every year since college decorating my various apartments and condos with items that other people no longer want. Save for a few new pieces (like a wine bar I got for my birthday a few years ago and a dresser we bought this summer), I haven’t been able to slowly collect pieces that reflect our style.

Every wish list has a priority purchase. Mine tend to have several. In trying to stick to just ONE priority purchase for our home, both Mike and I agree that it needs to be a dining room set, followed VERY closely by a small couch and two chairs for the upstairs living room. Until we make one of those purchase, our entire upstairs front room will sit empty (except for that very important wine bar I already mentioned. Remember what I said about priorities?!).

Spending one day alone nursing a cold in our family’s Breckenridge condo is dangerous for my online furniture stalking habits. There are so many gorgeous dining room sets out there but holy good lord can they get pricey. Based on the small size of our dining room we hope to purchase a round table with at least one leaf so we can expand to seat six comfortably. Two leafs would be even better but I am not sure we can afford it without greatly sacrificing on quality, which I am not willing to do on this purchase.

Three that caught my eye today are…

From left to right: Bradford Dining Set by Macy’s Home; Kipling Round by Crate & Barrel; Avalon-Vitner Dining Set by Crate & Barrel

I doubt any of these will find our way into our home but it is fun to shop around to learn what styles are out there. I’ll likely take advantage of my vacation time this week to visit American Furniture Warehouse and maybe even a few second hand stores in Denver. Yelp Denver has this great list of used furniture store reviews that is pretty helpful.

Where did you find your dining room set? What should we get mentally prepared to spend so that we invest in a set that will be enjoyed for years (and years)?

Covet: Cool Home Accessories a la Pinterest

If I won a Pinterest shopping spree, I’d go nuts buying goodies for our new house. Come down the dreamy Pinterest rabbit hole with me…

The spinning bookcase/table is both unique and practical. This would be great in our basement family room area. The “Bonjour” mat would add a bit of chic whimsy to our front porch. J’adore! Frames that are hung down a staircase are a great way to display memories when you do not have a long hallway. Our new house has a tiny hallway upstairs so this sort of frame display may be a great option for the stairs that go down into the basement. Finally, it is freezing outside but this backyard and deck has me swooning. We will have a large backyard and I have big dreams for it becoming a comfortable outdoor mecca in the summer. I’ve always loved outdoor couches and think this one is just lovely.

Boy oh boy do we have a lot to save for!

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