Girls Sleepover!

…with Uncle Mike too of course!

As I mentioned in my post about overnight french toast, our twin nieces had their first sleepover at our house about two weeks ago. I was a little nervous how the sleeping arrangements would go over but they took to the basement guest room like champs.

We watched Tangled (so cute!) in a makeshift fort built by Uncle Mike, made our own pizzas for dinner and played for hours upon hours with my old Barbies and beanie babies (at least 100), which my parents drove out from Los Angeles a few weeks earlier. What is it with buying a house and suddenly getting all of your old stuff? Our house isn’t that big people!

It was so neat to watch the girls “ooohhhh” and “aaaahhhh” over the same Barbie outfits and accessories that mark a special time in my childhood. I look forward to keeping them here so the girls can create memories at our house for years to come. There are certainly going to be many more sleepovers in their future!

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