Pin of the Week: Truth

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This picture says it all. Mike and I are both super busy at work and I have little motivation to clean past the bathroom. I cannot stand a dirty bathroom of any kind.

The basement facelift is moving forward but at a slow pace since Mike is tackling it solo at night and on weekends. I admire his after-hours DIY work ethic but wish some extra cash would magically appear in our saving account so we could just hire it all out. All of our furniture has been moved out of the TV room so the rest of the basement is a disaster. Our gigantic TV is now temporarily in our room and I swear I might have a seizure from how big/close the screen is to our bed.

I am keeping a smile on my face and not inviting anyone over to our house until this is done.

Please pardon our mess, my continued lack of blogging and a general absence from social media. For the first time in years, chronicling every moment on Facebook, the blog and Twitter is not top-of-mind.

Pin of the Week: A Healthier Slice


Cauliflower pizza crust? The pizza-lover in me is quite intrigued. Mother Thyme is a gorgeous blog and I was thrilled to stumble upon it via this pin earlier in the week. When I get brave enough to give this a try, you will all be the first to learn about the taste test results. Mike may need some convincing first!

Pin of the Week: Fashion

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Since moving to Colorado nearly three years ago, one of my favorite aspects of the changing seasons is the chance to wear boots. Lots of boots. I have two or three more pairs that I “need” to complete my collection for all styles and occasions but I realized this year that I am also sorely behind on a super cute boot trend — tall boot socks!

My friend Ramonna rocks boot socks better than anyone I know and she was kind enough to pass along a few suggestions from Title Nine and Smartwool.

I kind of really “need” a few pairs. I also wouldn’t mind a new pair of Frye’s or Cole Haan boots this year either…Santa??

Pin of the Week: A Bit of Sparkle

Source: via Alexis on Pinterest


‘Cause every girl needs just a bit of sparkle in her wardrobe…I’m loving this look, head to toe.

Have a fantastic Friday!

Pin of the Week: A Splurge


I really want a leather jacket this fall/winter. A high-quality leather jacket isn’t in the cards right now but Pinterest lets me play “make believe” with finds like this All Saints beauty. Maybe next year…

If you could splurge on ONE item for your wardrobe this season, what would it be?

Pin of the Week: Lighting

Our upstairs living/dining space is coming together nicely, but when I sit up there all I can think about are “Rugs!” “Lighting!” Both of these purchases will really bring everything together and infuse some color to a mostly neutral and wood-dominated space.

Above our dining room table we desperately need some sort of pendant or statement light. For awhile I was leaning toward a chandelier but I think that would be too formal. So lately I’ve spent a lot of time looking at pendant options.

Source: via Alexis on Pinterest


I’m not sure if this is THE pendant but I really like it. Casual yet colorful. Colorful yet neutral. Modern without being stark. West Elm really does it right.

Pin of the Week: Fall Sweaters

For just a moment this week in Denver, you could feel fall. And it felt oh-so-fabulous. On Wednesday we did not climb out of the 60’s and it rained for a good portion of the day. A little slice of heaven for those of us who “survived” a miserably hot summer without AC.

Fall clothing is probably my absolute favorite season to shop for since moving to Colorado. Outfits aren’t covered up by puffy coats yet sweaters, blazers and jeans look effortlessly chic when combined with killer accessories — a great scarf, soft leather handbag and gold jewelry. Adore! Speaking of shopping, and sweaters, I wouldn’t mind if this beauty was hanging in my closet!

Source: via Alexis on Pinterest


I just got skinny black jeans and really love this look. I am a huge fan of long sweaters…they are forgiving and look appropriate at the office, running errands or out for a Saturday night dinner (and drinks). The best news? I was terrified to click through on Pinterest and find out that this sweater cost $200 or $300. It is only $69 at Urban Outfitters! Hoping to check it out in person when I am at the mall this weekend.

What fall looks are you loving this year?

First 30 Days of 30: Day Sixteen

Favorite Pinterest Pins ~ because I can’t pick just one! I love Pinterest and go back through my boards often for inspiration and motivation. My new goal is to actually cook/bake more items from my “Kitchen Love” board and try one or two crafts from my “If I Had Patience” board, especially before the holidays. I need to make some Christmas ornaments for our very first Christmas tree!

Source: via Alexis on Pinterest

Source: via Alexis on Pinterest

Pin of the Week: Cocktail Hour

It’s really hot in Denver and the forecast doesn’t show any relief for the next five days. That’s why summer cocktails, like the blueberry lavender mojito below, are so tempting. Not only is it pretty to look at, I am really into lavender right now ever since destroying a box of lemon and lavender shortbread cookies from Whole Foods a few weeks ago.

                                                                      Source: via Alexis on Pinterest


I might just have to whip up a batch this weekend when the kids go to bed (not my kids…Mike and I are babysitting our twin nieces and nephew from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. Wish us luck!).

Happy weekend friends!

Pin of the Week: Favorite Quote

My all-time favorite quote…a motto to live your life by, even though it can be scary and extremely uncomfortable at times. Amazing things can happen when you push yourself just a bit over the edge.

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