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‘Cause every girl needs just a bit of sparkle in her wardrobe…I’m loving this look, head to toe.

Have a fantastic Friday!

J.Crew Sale Score

It has been awhile since I shopped J.Crew. I love their clothes, especially in fall and winter, but I personally think their prices have gotten really out of reach over the last few years. So the other night after nearly walking out over the price of a blouse with tiny hens on it, I kept my cool and walked back to the sale rack.


Excuse the iPhone photo and sleeping pup on the floor. As you can gather from me no longer being in the dressing room, I found and purchased this adorable (in my opinion) polka dot blouse that fits like a dream. It is so comfortable and effortless. The blouse regularly went for $128 and I paid $79 plus an additional 30% off. True, it is still expensive, but I’ll get a ton of wear through winter with both pant and skirts + tights.

On Thursday night, when I snapped this iPhone photo, I paired it with simple black pants from Banana Republic and a big black and gold J.Crew inspired necklace that I scored on Accessory Concierge for $30. Are you familiar with Accessory Concierge? If not, please stop reading my blog and go learn about it right now. You’ll thank (and hate) me later.

So the moral of the story is, if you love J.Crew but can’t stomach the prices at full retail, keep checking back on their sales. Maybe this spring I will finally treat myself to a J.Crew coat when they are marked down. I’ve wanted one since college… I mean, look at their outerwear collection. How do you choose just one?

Have a lovely Saturday!

Autumn Wardrobe Staples

I have a few more items to purchase to make this year’s autumn/winter wardrobe transition complete. Most are in the shoe category as last year I finally threw away two pairs of disgusting black and brown pumps to force myself to get new ones.

But a spin around Banana Republic a few weeks ago (inspired by this post) helped me add a few staples that I know will get a ton of wear at work and on the weekends.

#1 – Soft Wash Denim Shirt (perfect for black and/or dark colored skinny jeans)

Credit: Banana Republic

#2 – Printed Silk Blouse (I prefer this untucked with skinny jeans or black/navy work slacks)

Credit: Banana Republic

#3 – Bright Cardigan (goes with almost anything, but beware of shedding)

Credit: Banana Republic

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love fall fashion! Banana Republic put out a really nice line this year and unlike Nordstrom, which I adore, you can get a few pieces instead of just one item. Important when you are sticking to a budget.

Please note that all of these opinions are 100% my own. Banana Republic has never contacted me about reviews or provided me with any samples or discounts, unfortunately.

New Obsession: Chloe and Isabel

I rarely ever look at my Klout Perks but last week, I decided to clean up my Klout notifications. I am so glad I did! I was awarded 35% off to Chloe and Isabel, a chic and affordable jewelry line similar to Stella & Dot. I actually hadn’t heard of Chloe and Isabel until the Klout Perk arrived in my inbox so hats off to some great branding and audience evaluation on their part!

I purchased this simple piece and with the discount, the total was only $28, including shipping. It arrived super fast and in a cute little pouch. I still prefer Stella & Dot’s boxes because they are so nice for traveling and storage, but this one was still nice.

I can’t wait to keep a closer eye on this brand, as I love adding affordable and fun jewelry pieces to my closet in lieu of pricier clothes and shoes that I am trying to stay away from right now.The necklace I chose is really decent quality for the price, and I know I’ll get a ton of use out of it when dressing up plain summer tanks and sun dresses.

Have you purchased anything from Chloe and Isabel yet?

Covet: Elizabeth and James Silk Dress

We are attending a few weddings this summer so I’m on the hunt for one – two perfect dresses. Does anyone agree with me that shopping for dresses to wear as a guest is super stressful? I of course steer clear of anything white, cream, off white, etc., but then I also worry about showing up in the same color as the bridesmaids, or being “that guest” whose dress was too short, too tight, or too [fill in the blank].

I probably worry more than the average nuptials party-goer (no surprise there) but it’s out of respect and love for the bride. Which is why I really need to get off by butt and into some stores to start my search. The first wedding is one month away in Santa Barbara!

One frock captured my attention last week via some online browsing but the price is really steep. Like, we could finish off the guest room and still have some leftover money for a rug upstairs kind of steep. But c’mon, wouldn’t you covet this dress too if you knew it would be PERFECT for both weddings this summer?

Images Source:

I’ve never tried anything from the Elizabeth and James line but it always looks gorgeous. Just the right blend of chic, trendy and classic. I adore the cut as the length in the back adds elegance while the front keeps it young and flirty.

What dresses have you been coveting lately, and if they would be perfect for outdoor weddings in Santa Barbara AND Colorado, would you be so kind as to share the love?! I’ll owe ya.

Love: Rachel Rachel Roy Dresses

RACHEL Rachel Roy is the less expensive Rachel Roy brand sold by Macy’s. I am not a big Macy’s shopper, especially since moving to Colorado. Our few locations aren’t nearly as nice as the ones I am used to in Southern California. Which is why I pretty much forgot about how much I love her dresses until I found myself with a few Macy’s gift cards to redeem.

Compared, let’s say, to Anthropologie, RACHEL Rachel Roy dresses are more affordable. They still aren’t cheap, but certainly easier on the wallet than a Nordstrom trip. I ordered the Ellie style below from (and I rarely online shop) and was so eager for the box to arrive.

Images source:

Let me tell you. I am in L.O.V.E. with this dress. It’s actually the second I have from her line and both are now go-to’s in my wardrobe. The quality is surprisingly high and the fit – especially if you are petite – is spot on, no tailoring necessary. For work I paired it with a cardigan but at night or on the weekend it’s going to stand out even more with the small peep hole in the back. The skirt portion does wrinkle if you sit for an extended period of time, but that’s just life with linen.

I absolutely recommend (all on my own, no kick back from Rachel here ~ though I’d totally take it!) giving RACHEL Rachel Roy a shot if you haven’t already…and watch for those sales! Next I have my eye on this beauty.


Or maybe this one…


Let’s be honest. I want about 50 of them.

Have you tried anything from her lines yet?

Pottery Barn Dreams

Pottery Barn is at the top of my list of stores that I want to “live” in right now. I try so hard to get into online home decor flash sales, kitschy independent stores, etc., but at heart I am truly a big box retail shopper. Scoff all you want, I just like the consistency of products from stores and manufacturers I really know.

Which brings me to my latest Pottery Barn wish list. My husband and mother can attest to the fact that it changes daily (and hourly). Yet, there are specific rooms in our new house that I am positively fixated on…rooms that I am dying to keep adding touches of our style.

The dining room needs a chandelier that makes a statement without costing thousands of dollars or looking like it belongs in our grandmother’s house. I think this beauty would work just fine.

Next up is our bathroom upstairs. Thankfully all the fixtures were updated but the medicine cabinet has to go. It is quite nice but it is way too bulky for how narrow the room is. Why is why I keep hoping this mirror goes on clearance.

Finally, our office is still a mess. This is because we own a bunch of crate-style “filing” boxes and random fire safes, but no large filing cabinet. We could run out and buy a metal cabinet that is there purely for function, but that is not pretty now is it?! So, maybe the tax refund Santa will bring us something along the lines of this.

A girl can hope, and save, and save some more!

Covet: All Things Zara

We do not have Zara in Denver. I rarely, if ever, purchase clothes online. For my checkbook this is a great combination. However, my fashion-obsessed heart is feigning for these Zara finds. I just might have to treat myself to one find this month…

Top to bottom: Gathered sleeve blazer / Front frill blouse / Striped blazer / Asymmetric pleated skirt

Are you Zara obsessed like me?

Covet: New Kate Spade Arrivals

Not too long ago I blogged about all of the Kate Spade items I was drooling over online. Nothing made it into my closet, but tonight I allowed myself to indulge in some new Kate Spade eye candy.

Simply divine. I adore the colors she chooses and how even the more trendy pieces can easily become a go-to staple in your closet for seasons to come. Kate Spade just has that knack for designing “trendy classics.”

Livia Knit Top; Dixon Place Blaine; Caelyn Wedge

I struggle every season with finding tops that I can wear on the weekend and also recycle for casual days at the office. The Livia top looks like a great option for both, and I love the three-quarter length sleeves. I “discovered” the Dixon Place Blaine bag via The Neo-Traditionalist. I agree with Katie that it’s the shape that really catches your eye, and purse-lovin’ heart. Finally, I still don’t own a really nice pair of winter wedges that are appropriate for client meetings, but also sassy enough to pair with jeans for a weekend cocktail party. I love the shape of the Caelyn style and how the flower adds just the right amount of flair to be memorable.

Alas, Kate Spade’s new arrivals are not part of my “we close in two weeks” house budget. But from the safety of my couch with my wallet far away, this girl can manage to look but not touch.

What shoes, clothes or accessories are you “visiting” instead of buying right now?

Welcome to Denver!

Credit H&M 1.) Pattern-knit vest 2.) Fur lined vest 3.) Plaid shirt

H&M opened in Denver today! While I didn’t wait in line, it is not lost on me what a big deal this is for our Mile High city. Denver enjoys notable national attention for its food scene, but fashion and design brands have been much slower to follow. I am hopeful that if Ikea and H&M do well, other companies will follow suit. I could really go for a Club Monaco and Zara.

I plan to visit the new H&M soon, maybe this weekend! Because of being in major savings mode for our first house H&M seems like it will become a go-to option when I do want need to shop. The prices are insanely cheap yet always on-point with the top trends of the season.

 Hip hip hooray for H&M!

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