Blog Love ~ January 15th

heartsIt has been much too long since I shared a “blog love” roundup. I read so many posts each week and always enjoy passing along little bits of inspiration to you. Now that owning a home has become more of a steady cadence of projects, instead of a race to unpack a mountain of boxes, I am again finding that hour on the couch to read my favorite blogs while Mike pretends not to be asleep. Bliss!



Speaking of bliss…

Have a lovely Sunday!

Blog Love ~ Nov. 20

Love is not Blind
Do you ever have those weeks as a blogger when it is especially hard to stay motivated? Busy days (and nights) with work and life’s other responsibilities tend to dry up any remaining creativity I have reserved for Lex & Learn. But then I read my favorite blogs, from top to bottom in my bookmarks folder, and I am reminded how much I love this strange online world.

Come down this week’s rabbit hole with me…

  • It may be getting colder in Denver, but the Grapefruit Jalapeno Margarita recipe on Fashionably Bombed makes me want to break out a sundress and throw a “there is no snow on the ground” party. I absolutely LOVE grapefruit in any cocktail.
  • A guest post about Conquering a Small Closet on Shopping’s My Cardio couldn’t have come at a better time. If we get the keys to the house we’ve bid on, small closets will be a reality I have to conquer. Old home = beautiful character = small closets.
  • Sequins and Stripes has been featuring amazing photos of her travels through Europe for the past few weeks, but her post Style Done Right brought me back to when I studied abroad in Spain and was jealous every single day of how European women make all black ensembles and a few accessories look insanely chic. Truly effortless.
  • Beautiful trays displayed on a coffee table is a look I really love. Camille Styles featured a gorgeous Chic Coffee Table spread complete with a vintage Hermes tray. While Hermes probably isn’t in my future, I do think that I want to create a similar tray and table look in our (fingres crossed) new house.

Happy Sunday my friends!

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